Maverick but never mediocre!

“The Common Lot are a group with a terrific work ethic and lovely team spirit.
There’s a detail and confidence in 
their work that really impressed us ..."

Erica Whyman, Deputy Director, RSC

Who are the Common Lot?
 The Common Lot is an open collective of people dedicated to working together to produce relevant, high quality, original theatre that can be enjoyed by all. 
We draw on the richness of energy, talent and enthusiasm of local people to create our shows. 
Our shows are for, with and about
the people of Norfolk.
Just don't call it am-dram!
Read more about our values and approach here

RSC Dream 2016
Some members of The Common Lot had the privilege of playing the Mechanicals in the RSC's tour of A Midsummer Night's Dream at the Theatre Royal, Norwich in April and at Stratford in July.
Dream 2016: A Play for a Nation was a fantastic collaboration between the RSC and 14 amateur companies from around the UK.

The Common Lot were selected to represent the eastern region and met with amazing responses from audiences and critics alike.

In the summer of 2016 we enjoyed amazing responses to our free
open-air show.

Great audiences (Who stuck with us through the rain!) and wonderful performances by a cast aided by a terrific crew. 

Thank you all.
Following the resounding success of 1549 we have new projects in the pipeline, so WATCH THIS SPACE! Plus if you are a member of the Common Lot and have an idea for a project that you feel we can support then submit it now. If you are not a member, why not? It's free and you'll have more fun than you can shake a stick at!​