The Common Lot is a collective of people dedicated to producing high quality, accessible theatre that can be enjoyed by all.  We work with the talent and enthusiasm of local people to create the shows.
Our productions are entirely original and based on local stories.  They are for, with and about the people of Norfolk. 
We strive towards professional standards in all things. However, everyone involved with the company does it for the love, not for any financial gain.
Our first big show Boudicca: The Pantomime was a huge success - selling out 6 shows at the Norwich Arts Centre in 2014 and involving around 70 local people in its making.  Since then we have been developing our skills in performance workshops and involved ourselves in smaller projects such as the City Halloween Parade and Lights Up! -a variety show with Sheringham Carnival.  We also worked with the Royal Shakespeare Company as the Mechanicals in 2016s tour of
A Midsummer Nights Dream
In 2016 we recreated the story of a local uprising against the rich landowners and social inequalities in
"1549 - Ketts Rebellion"  a story which became ever more poignent as austerity hit and Brexit became reality

In 2017 we have begun work on perhaps our most exciting production to date. "Come Yew In" will be a variety show reflecting Our Fine Citys proud welcoming of Strangers into Norwich. Touring Norwich in the summer, now is your chance to get involved!

Vision, Mission and Values
We imagine a world in which people are endlessly creating and co-operating for the common good.
In reducing the need for money we find ourselves rich with resources, experience and good will to others.
Our mission is to make theatre that matters to people: relevant, home-grown, original and accessible.
We believe in the power of theatre to give us voice and make a positive difference in the world.
We believe everyone is capable of creating and enjoying great theatre
and that the process of making it brings innumerable benefits: personal, social and political.
We believe in creating opportunity for ordinary people to collaborate, learn and be creative
and that this gives richness and meaning to our lives.
We believe in equality and appreciation of the other.
We all have something to offer and something to gain.
We believe theatre should be free and everywhere.
We work hard and strive to be brilliant.
We follow three principles in all that we do
Everyone must benefit
All contributions are freely given and equally valued
We have what we need (and if we don't, we can find it)
The Common Lot Steering Group
Simon Floyd, Vic Stone, Greg Lindsay-Smith, Eileen Mulvaney, Amanda Colman, Nicky Turner, Siobhan O'Connor, Duncan Joseph and Marie Cooper