We were making New Year’s resolutions for 2013. I had had a difficult year of separation, career doubts and illness and morosely said to my friend “I just want to make a pantomime.”  “I’ll help you” he said. We shook hands and The Common Lot was born.

The name came from a show we did about Kett’s Rebellion in 1999 – everything in Common, our common situation, the common lot of us…

 We spent the next few months thrashing out a plot and script for our first show “Boudicca: The Panto”.  Later, we plastered the city with posters announcing, ‘Rabble Required’. Within a month we had a room full of people, cast and ready to meet 3 times a week.  No-one knew each other, we were just united by a desire to make a show together. Pretty much like every project since.  

With the unexpected and welcome support of Norwich Arts Centre, Boudicca was staged there in January 2014.

The bug bit.

Some of us are still making shows together today – some drifted away and drifted back again, some come towards us for the first time. We pride ourselves on being able to absorb people. Value everyone, find a place.  Make art, make friends, tell stories that help us help ourselves.

Eight years, three Norfolk Arts Awards, ad RSC adventure, seven shows and numerous gatherings later we’re still very much here.  In 2020 we became a Community Interest Company, enabling us to have proper reach into schools and the communities we work with.

At The Common Lot you are always welcome to join in whatever we are up to. Just read the manifesto – and if its something you believe in, we can believe in you too…